Eat This, Gain Weight: Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Fast

So you wanna know what foods to eat to gain weight? Here we go…

As you know there are a TON of food choices today… This makes it confusing when we have a specific goal to GAIN WEIGHT.

Contrary to what some people believe you can NOT just eat a bunch of random food and successfully gain weight. Sure, you may gain a little body fat… but is that REALLY what you want? More body fat?

NO! You want muscle. Lots of muscle.

And in order to gain this muscle, there are certain foods that you should eat, and certain foods that you should AVOID.

We’ll just talk about the good muscle-building foods that you want to include in your diet.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that you want to include 3 different types of food in your muscle building diet:

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fat

You need to include each of these components with each meal in order to optimize your muscle gains.

Alright, let’s get started with protein…

Skinless Chicken Breasts

chicken lifting weightsChicken is a very good lean source of protein. And as we know, your muscles need protein to grow larger.

The problem is, some protein sources (like fatty beef) come with large amounts of saturated fat – which is not good for your long-term health. (Although I LOVE steak and I do include it in my diet. I just get a lean cut of steak.)

Chicken has very low fat content compared to other protein sources (about 1 gram of fat per ounce).

And you’re getting about 8.8 grams of protein per ounce. So a 5 ounce chicken breast gets you roughly 44 grams of protein! That’s what I call some “muscle fuel.”

It’s also a good idea to eat skinless chicken breasts. That will cut the fat content in half.

Baked Red Potatoes

baked red potato slicesBaked potatoes are not only delicious, they’re an awesome carb source for guys who want to put on a lot of SIZE.

These little red spuds will get you about 5.6 grams of carbs per ounce. So weigh out 10 ounces of baked potatoes on your food scale and you’ve got a solid 55 grams of carbs that will fuel your muscle growth.

And the good thing about potatoes is, there’s lots of things you can do with them to spice them up:

  • Mash them up into “mashed potatoes”
  • Cut them up into slices and add seasoning.
  • Fry them in olive oil and add salt for a “french fry” taste. (Add ketchup too.)
  • And only your imagination is the limit…

Baked potatoes go well with a lot of meals, but my favorite all-time meal has to be a juicy medium rare steak with a side of baked potatoes and asparagus. I can almost FEEL my muscles growing after I eat a meal like that 😉

Alright let’s talk about FAT:

Roasted Almonds

roasted almondsNot only are almonds delicious, they are filled with healthy fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.) They also have a good amount of protein.

Overall, you’re looking at about 14 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein per ounce. Not too shabby.

How do you eat almonds? Well you can obviously just weigh them out on your food scale, then pop them in your mouth and chew…

Or, if you’re like me, you may want to make things a little more interesting…

They sell almond butter in the grocery stores… You can use this in place of peanut butter. You can add it to a sandwich, put it in a protein shake, spread it on a rice cake, etc. It’s delicious.

They also sell various forms of roasted almonds. You can find them with all kinds of seasonings… but just be sure to look at the nutrition label just to make sure they don’t have a ridiculous amount of sugar.

So there are 3 fantastic muscle-building foods you can start incorporating into your diet right now.

By the way, if you’re still “sitting on the sidelines” waiting for a magic genie to come along and grant your wish to be big and muscular, I hate to break it to you, but…

It ain’t gonna happen!

But if you’re ready to get SERIOUS and take your muscle gains to the next level, I’d love to show you my step-by-step weight gain system. Of course, I’m talking about the famous “Weight Gain Blueprint.”

If you’re ready to take ACTION, then I’m here to help you… Go here to get started, and say goodbye to your skinny, weak body once and for all.

92 thoughts on “Eat This, Gain Weight: Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Fast

    1. @joshhampton – Yes, grilled chicken is awesome. You an also bake it in the oven, fry it on a skillet on the stove-top, put it in a toaster oven, or cook it in a George Foreman grill. You can also cook it, and eat it cold the next day if you put it in a sandwich.

      1. hello frankienstein..hehe….bro i weigh 68kg and i really wanna get bulky for my gf….lol….hope these sources of yours gets crunchy.. thx though…u doin good

  1. Hey Jeff I have a big question? I want to start gaining weight and do this program but I’m 13 but I have school and I can only basically eat two times during school hours so how do I do this? (Yes I have my parents approval).

    1. @Earvin Ramirez – Great to hear you’re ready to get started! To answer your question, you might be able to sneak an extra meal in the form of a home-made weight gain shake (I talk about this in the Weight Gain Blueprint.)

  2. what’s up Jeff … been reading alot of material that write. i’m a skinny guy. i mean skinny. i’m 6’1 and weigh about 140 lbs and i can’t get over it. my goal is to weigh almost close to 200 lbs. i would love it. is there any possible way you can e-mail like what are the best breakfast foods , afternoon foods and dinner foods. atleast 5 a piece of each just so i can get a idea. thanks alot Jeff the Master.

  3. Hello. Im a hard gainer and for years have struggled with putting on weight no matter what i ate, how i worked out and what i tried. Took all the put on weight foods plus supplements which were no use at all. Now that i read through your email, it seems something i would love to take on, but something tells me its too good to be true and one of those scams that once you sign up you are left scratching your head wondering what a waste. There sems to be a lot of reading so it doesn’t even look that easy to follow. Maybe im wrong but still if i would look to hope make it work for myself, prove me wrong that its all it says it is. Yours sincerly, Kieran

    1. @kieran hughes – On the contrary, I’ve made it extremely EASY and step-by-step for you to follow. I put together this Weight Gain Blueprint program to “cut through the clutter” of all the useless misinformation out there that will only confuse you, waste your time, and waste your money.

      So what you have with the Weight Gain Blueprint is a step-by-step plan for gaining weight and building muscle, and it’s VERY easy to follow.

      With that said, there IS some work that needs to be done on your part! If you’re a LAZY person then this will not work for you… You need to be motivated enough to actually DO SOMETHING with the information :-)

      So if you’re telling me you’re motivated… and you want it bad… (which it seems like you do since you’ve tried so many things already) then YES, this will work for you. That’s why I offer a 60-day guarantee :-) If it didn’t work, everyone would refund and I’d be out of business, right??

      Have you seen all the success stories on this page? Weight Gain Blueprint success stories. (Scroll down to about the middle of the page to see the success stories… and there’s more at the bottom of the page.)

      I hope this clears up your concerns Kieran.

  4. I misplaced my e-file to the blueprint . I get your emails an keep wanting to go back to it . How can I get another copy downloaded??

    1. @Add – No problem! Send an email to support (at) muscletactics (dot) com and Shirley Myers, our customer support assistant will send you a replacement copy. Just give her the email address you used when you ordered, and your first and last name and she’ll get you taken care of.

  5. Hey Jeff i really like u ur r the one who got me motivated.tell me about ur 1 on 1 coaching and how much is it? Also I bought actually Kyle Leons program i think its working to bad whats the difference between urs and his?or is it basically the same?

    1. @Nick Rad – Thanks, I’m glad I could get you motivated and on your way to gaining weight! All the 1-on-1 coaching info is here along with the pricing:

      It’s pretty expensive, so you might want to start with the Weight Gain Blueprint program, as most guys find that’s all the info they need to get incredible gains.

      The difference between my program and Kyle’s is that my program is created specifically for skinny guys who want to gain weight and build muscle. Kyle’s program is geared towards the general public, and is more generic, which is why you may not be getting great results with it. Hope that helps!

  6. You cant possibly know how much this email of yours touched me….i am very small, only i have lost muscle mass due to fibromyalgia and arthritis…i do not take any pain stuff for it…and for sure i believe in all you are writing about diet and allowing the body to heal itself…..i am 100lbs, 5ft, 1 inches. and need the muscle mass to be stronger…physical therapy, for me just made everything worse, and all you wrote about, i have been there and done that….i am up there with jane fonda, only i do not believe in chronological age , though i’m not in the same shape…yet my spirit and mind really really are, in sync with all you have gone through…only i am a lady…. i appreciate all things you write…. thank you so much…everyone thought i was getting skinny and “frail”….. now that is going to change!……many blessings to you…..jenna

    1. @ jenna verano – Wow Jenna, thanks for sharing your experience! Very happy to hear that I was able to help! I’m also happy to hear that you’re ready to take matters into your own hands and make a change. Sounds like you’ll do just fine!

  7. Hi i am going to the gym 4 days a week n eating lots of protein… still, muscle is gaining very slowly. it is like 10kg for 4-5 months. Which area i need to work on sleep is very poor..

    1. @Deen – Looks like you might have answered your own question: You need more sleep. If you’re not getting 8 hours, then you’re not maximizing your muscle-building potential. Also, protein is great, but you should also be sure you’re eating enough carbs.

  8. hi jeff, am 5’6″ and 105 lbs.. so hard for me to gain weight.. in terms of food,what should i eat during breakfast?
    i am trying to do work out on my own, jogging, push ups and lifting up dumbbell etc.. do u think it will help me gain weight faster?

    like to read comments and make me interested in following your steps..

    1. @Jon – Breakfast you want to eat both simple and complex carbs – and protein and fats. The Weight Gain Blueprint has a full diet plan laid our for you and what to eat at each meal (and how much to eat) is covered in extensive detail.

      Jogging will not help you gain weight – you are definitely shooting yourself in the foot if you are jogging. That’s actually the WORST type of exercise you can do when you’re trying to put on weight. The best thing you can do is join a gym and start lifting heavy weights following a specific muscle-building weight training program.

  9. Fantastic info. I have issues with putting on fat. I was 230 lbs standing at 5’7. I spent 1 year dropping 100 lbs. I got down to 130 and now I have been bulking for a while. Although I have gone up to 155 and very lean I can’t seem to get over the feaain. I am going coe in 1 year November 17th 20mpete at 175 @ 6% B.F. my body put fat on fast w I not worrie about calories if I’m eating clean?

    1. @Mike – Wow, congrats on your transformation! Your comment got a little illegible towards the end there but I think you’re asking if you should worry about calories if you’re eating clean? If you gain fat easily, then you can try switching up your macronutrient ratios, and eating less carbs. You may be carb sensitive. So you should be sure to eat mostly complex carbs throughout the day, and eat veggies with every meal to keep your insulin levels stable and prevent extra fat storage.

  10. Why is everybody scare of gaining lil bit of fat?the true is that if ur skinny and always been skinny then u need to put on some fat its ok..i was 133lbs and 7months later i was at 168lbs yes maybe some was fat and some was muscle. But fo r us it is WAY more easy to loose fat then to gain now in only 4 weeks i now have lost 8lbs buy i look bigger cuz now there muscle..i did this by only eating right and taking serious mass 1250 calories shake and then when i got to 168lbs i stop taking that shake and started taking out a lot and eat a lot :)

    1. @David – Very cool congrats on your gains! And you’re right, you should expect to gain a little fat. It’s always good to try an minimize it by eating clean (because then you won’t have to work as much to lose it later) but still not a huge deal. Good call taking the weight gain shake out of your diet… That could have been causing some of the fat gains.

  11. Hey jeff, before i get started with the blueprint i need to ask you a question about the work outs. I’ve been a electrician for 25 years and hate to say it but my shoulders are close to shot so lifting heavy weights is out. I recently bought a heavy bag and this work out does’nt seem to hurt so bad. Will this type of work out still give me the shoulders and chest im looking for or am i going to my doctor to see if i can get myself fixed? Would like your input. Thank you , John

    1. @John – Yeah, if you can’t lift heavy weights, then you won’t be able to gain much muscle. I would definitely go to a doc and see what they can do for your shoulder! I’m not sure what the exact issue is, but I’d imagine there’s some rehab exercises you could be doing to strengthen it.

    1. @Neil – Most whey protein shakes are fine. What you want to look for is one with few to zero carbs. There should be no more than 4 grams of carbs in there, or else they’re loading it with a bunch of junk you don’t need.

  12. your blog is the one i am using to gain. i need some way to upload pics, i am the skinniest in my circle and i just think i need your help.

  13. Hey Jeff, I have a question, can I pay using debit card to purchase the bluprint. I am located here in the Philippines so I am not sure if it will work.

  14. Hey jeff I’m 20 years old 5 foot 8 and 145 pounds my goal weight is about 155 or 160 does this program actually work or is it a scam

  15. Thanks so much for all the info you’ve already given. I know this is designed for men since you dont find very many females who want to gain weight. Im 26 y/o and even after having 3 kids im still at 95 lbs!! The info youve given has showed me what i was doing wrong and how to gain it in a healthy manner. Ill be purchasing the program very soon! Thanks!

    1. @Mary – It’s great to hear this has helped you! And believe it or now we actually do get emails from girls who want to know if the program will work for them. My answer is yes! Looking forward to helping you gain some healthy weight very soon! Thanks Mary.

  16. hi jeff
    i am loving the advice you have been giving me. i need some knowlege & advice from you. i have been training for 2 years now im 23 years old . for the past year i have not trained . i recently went back to the gym(2 weeks now) i used to weigh 45 kgs before training, i then became 64 kgs (awesome feeling) i stopped training for the year and now i am about 52 kgs. getting back into the gym was a nightmare after losing so much that i have gained. i need to know is muscle memory pure myth or is it a possibility. i have noticed much more pump in my body in the last 2 weeks i look like i am growing quickly. could this be because i lost so much weight and now that my body is training it looks better or is it because of muscle memory and i will be able to build faster. please help.

    1. @nazir – I know how you feel about getting back into the gym after taking a long time off. The good news is you will regain your strength and mass pretty quickly due to muscle memory. I don’t believe it’s a myth since I’ve experienced this myself. You will begin to look more “full” very quickly as you have described. So your gains may or may not slow down once you get back up to 64kg. But as long as you are following your diet and continuing to make progress in the gym you will continue to see gains.

    1. @albert – Skinless chicken breasts are the best because of the low saturated fat content. And are you looking for a replacement for olive oil in terms of cooking? Or just in terms of fat content?

  17. Hey Jeff, is it safe to consume whey protein? If it is safe & helpful to gain weight, which company do you recommend.

    1. @ Abhijeet – Yep, I use whey protein myself. There are a ton of options out there, I’ve been using NutraBio lately, but I try a new one every now and then just to switch up the flavors. But remember, you don’t HAVE to take supplements in order to gain weight.

    1. @Jory – That depends. When you order something like that at a restaurant, chances are, they’re using all-purpose flour and a bunch of other ingredients that aren’t really good for you.

      The only way you really know what you’re eating is if you make it yourself, or if you specifically ask the restaurant for the nutrition facts for each meal, which will probably get you some strange looks from the waitress and the people you’re out to eat with.

      If you make it yourself, you should use 100% whole wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour. Then you’ll be all set. Or another option is to just save it for your “cheat day” where you can eat whatever you want. Hope that helps.

  18. Hey Jeff thanks for your advice. Yeah they are all my favs! But one question: isnt eating too much french fries bad for you?

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t recommend eating “french fries” from a restaurant. They like to load them up with trans fats, and who knows what else.

      Frying potatoes in olive oil, and adding salt, on the other hand, gets you that french fry taste, without the unhealthy junk that comes with french fries. Olive oil is a healthy fat to use when cooking, and will also help support healthy testosterone levels.

  19. Hey Jeff,
    I am wondering about eating because I am still in school, so is it okay for me to eat there? Or should I pack my own cold lunch every day? Thanks Jeff!

  20. bro… i eat chicken daily but still my weight is only 56 kg, and my height is 6’2 ft… i m looking too skinny. Help me, what do i need to do?

  21. Hello Jeff,

    I really want to order the weight gain blue print complete instruction but im living in the Netherlands and im wondering how long it will take to get my order? Please send me your answer.

  22. Hey jeff,
    I am of 15 &5″7talland my weight is only 110lbs. I go to school so I have no time for exercise. Please help me to gain weight

    1. @saini – You’ll have to work out after school if you want to gain weight. Following a weight gain diet and the right workout plan is the recipe for gaining weight. If you need both you can take a look at the Weight Gain Blueprint program of course.

  23. Jeff I love all the info you give it’s helping me pack on so much muscle mass combine with the exercises the results are amazing. Thanks to you I’m on a fast track to get my old body back.

  24. Hey Jeff
    I am coming to you all the way from South Africa. I’m 6ft and 60kg. I have watched ALL of your videos, I’ve read all your articles and trying my best to keep to your advise butt I’m having a real hard time. I want to bulk up so bad and is really tired of being the skinny guy. Do you have any advise to keep me motivated?

  25. chicken never fails. I also go with tuna and milk, which along with your chest, shoulder, and triceps workout, helped me gain 2 lbs after just two days. Seriously, this stuff works like magic

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